Check out Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck + $25 Visa GC Giveaway

I have some exciting news for all you dog owners! Milo’s Kitchen is going to have their Treat Trucks come to a city near you. You can have a lot of fun with your fur babies and family. They will be offering samples of their new line of treats, family portrait photos, giveaways, and much more. If you are going to be in the Charlotte, NC area like me you can check them out on the following dates:

  • August 1st – Charlotte, NC, Fetching Meadows Dog Park
  •   August 2nd – Charlotte, NC, Mark Twain Dog Park
  •   August 3rd – Charlotte, NC, Lucky Dog Park

If you are located elsewhere be sure to check out all the cities that the Milo’s Kitchen Treat Trucks will be stopping by here. It sounds like it is going to be so much fun!

sadie        Obi

I was sent a sample pack of the Milo’s Kitchen dog treats for my dogs to try out. Let’s just say they were a hit! We were sent the Steak Grillers Recipe, Chicken Grillers Recipe, and Grilled Burger Bites. I let them try the Grilled Burger Bites to begin with. They are really cute and look like mini burgers. Sadie and Obi couldn’t wait for me to get them out of the bag. I gave them 2 each and they were gone in seconds! Needless to say, they loved them and were begging for more. The pictures aren’t that great because they were so fast snatching them out of my hand!

The treats are the perfect size for both of my dogs and they actually smelled pretty good too ( don’t worry, I didn’t eat any). I like that the treats are made in the U.S.A. with real chicken or beef as the #1 ingredient, and no artificial flavors and colors. My dogs love them and I feel good giving them a treat that makes them happy. Make sure you check out Milo’s Kitchen for the full line of treats and to check the dates for the Treat Trucks.

milo's kitchen sample pack

Milo’s Kitchen is being so nice that they are going to offer the same sample pack I received to one of my readers! The gift pack will include three varieties of Milo’s Kitchen® dog treats, and a $25 VISA gift card. This is open to US residents only. Just fill out the form below.

Winner: Brian E.

Disclosure: The Milo’s Kitchen® dog treats, gift cards, and information have been provided by Milo’s Kitchen®. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    It would be for my miniature poodle, Cocoa.

  2. Jada — a boxer/shepherd mix.

  3. For Ginger a cocker spaniel.

  4. shelly peterson says:

    this would be for my sweet little Chihuahua, Gracy.

  5. This will be for my pug.

  6. These treats will be for my hound!

  7. Darlene Owen says:

    This would be for my dog Harliey

  8. Traci McCormick says:

    For our beautiful Border Collie, Sam!

  9. e michelle says:

    for my dog coka!

  10. Sue Hull says:

    They would be for my daughters 3 dogs.Thank you for the great giveaway :)

  11. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    it would be for my moms dog

  12. Lisa Brown says:

    for my chihuahua

  13. Julie Wood says:

    These dog treats are going to be for my 10 year old male basset hound named Biggles. He loves these treats.

  14. This would be for my dog

  15. Debra Guillen says:

    It would be for Billy, a dachshund

  16. Janet W. says:

    This would be for my Jack Russell Terrier!

  17. Tonya Atkinson says:

    My do Beast a boxer

  18. Kim Henrichs says:

    These would be for my dog Hamish!

  19. Cynthia R says:

    i would give the dog treats to my friend who has 3 dogs, the gift card I would keep for myself.

  20. Marti Tabora says:

    This would be for Bullet. He is a German Shepard/Rottweiler mix and he is a great dog.

  21. Linda Bradshaw says:

    This would be for my sister. She needs it.

  22. Natalie says:

    This prize would be for my brother’s dog. He is a goldendoodle!

  23. Margaret Smith says:

    This would be for my dog Beau

  24. Kelly D says:

    This would be for our black lab, Molly.

  25. I would give this to my dog, Sorcha.

  26. Cynthia C says:

    The treats would be for my friend’s dog and the GC would be for me.

  27. Mary Casper says:

    This would be for stormy my golden retriever

  28. Amy Lovell says:

    I would give these to my sisters dog jerry, he’s my daughters best friend!

  29. This would be for my grandma’s dog.

  30. This would be for my puppygirl Freckles!

  31. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    This will be for my golden retriever, Major.

  32. Michelle Weaver says:

    It would be for my childhood dog that my parents have.

  33. Crystal F says:

    It would be for our puppy Bella who is spoiled rotten. Thank you!

  34. Tina Marie says:

    The dog treats would be for our two dogs, and the gift card would be for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Barbara Montag says:

    This prize is for my neighbor’s dog Sadie.
    She’s a sweetie!
    thank you

  36. Rebecca Graham says:

    This would be for my dog Buddy.

  37. Penny aka my sissy aka my moms pup!

  38. tina reynolds says:

    It would be for our dog Lokie

  39. Nicole C. says:

    This prize would be for my Siberian Husky, Midnight.

  40. This prize would be for Pippi, my australian shepherd. She would love these treats!

  41. It would be for Charlie, our basset hound.

  42. Sarah L says:

    This will be for my friend’s dog.
    Thanks for the contest.

  43. Brittney House says:

    It would be for my sister’s dog.

  44. Karen Drake says:

    This would be for my dog Saydee.

  45. Lisa V. says:

    This would be my Black Lab and Cane Corso.

  46. Sheila K. says:

    This prize would be for my niece’s pup!

  47. Jill Myrick says:

    This prize would be for our dogs Marley and Colby.


  48. The treats for my family’s dog & the other treat would be for me :).

  49. Daniel M says:

    for our retriever max

  50. CJ Godfrey says:

    This prize would be for Beaux, my white, fluffy dog!

  51. Alina Moore says:

    This prize would be for our dog.

  52. Kim Smith says:

    This would be for my favorite dog Gordon

  53. Would be for our beast of a puppy The Rock.

  54. CharityS says:

    My dog.

  55. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    My molly is a 12 year old rat terrier and she is the best dog.

  56. This would be for my two dogs.

  57. Francine Anchondo says:

    for my mother in laws dog

  58. Ellen S says:

    for my friend’s dobie

  59. Candie L says:

    i would love this for Tatum and Thor. Thank you

  60. It would be for my dog Julius

  61. This would be for my pup Aanika. / danabeeman*at*bigfoot*dot*com

  62. Jennifer R says:

    This Milos Kitchen Treat Prize would be for my jack russell terrier.

  63. Geoff K says:

    This would be for my aunt, a true dog lover, to help with the new poodle she just adopted!

  64. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    me and my dog!

  65. Birdiebee says:

    My girl, Kyla. She is a 2 year old German Shepherd.

  66. MARIA simon says:

    this would be for my weiner dog Maggie :)

  67. Samantha says:

    This would be for my husband’s mom’s dog!

  68. Pam Schad says:

    For my two Shit-zu’s. They love Milo treats.

  69. Thomas Murphy says:

    This would be for my dog Jack.

  70. Barbara Long says:

    This prize would be for our daughter’s dog.

  71. I would let my Princess enjoy these treats.


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