Frugal Halloween Party Tips


I love a good Halloween party. Dressing up, spooky decor, good food, and good music. You can’t go wrong. But these parties can cost a pretty penny if you want to do it right. Whether you are throwing a party for adults or the kids, you can always save money by doing a few smart things. Here are a few of my frugal Halloween party tips.

Throw a great Halloween party under budget with these tips!


1. The best time to buy Halloween supplies is after Halloween sales. This is the best time to find low prices on things you can use for next year. Last year my Target had quite a few supplies at up to 90% off. I got black and orange napkins, pumpkin carving kits, and cute Halloween socks that I will use this year.

2. Look around at what you already have. You can draw scary silhouettes on old sheets and hang them from your windows to give a scary look to your house. You can drape old sheets over your furniture to give it an abandoned feel while also saving your furniture from any nasty spills. If you have an orange candle, simply put it in a vase and add candy corn to create a cute centerpiece.

3. Make sure to check for coupons. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby usually have 40% off coupons you can use at their stores and they usually have tons of Halloween decor and accessories.

4. Check discount places like Home Goods, Marshalls, and Ross to see what kind of Halloween inventory they might have.

5. Head to the park or woods and get some odd looking branches and pine cones to create a unique centerpiece.

6. Search for free pumpkin carving templates online. There are some great ones out there.


1. If you are crafty, try to make your own costume. Look around at what you already have and see if you can create a clever costume. Get some of your parent’s old clothes or go to the thrift stores and go as a hippie or an 80’s rocker.

2. Trade costumes with your friends or neighbors. This goes for children costumes as well since they won’t be able to fit into last year’s costumes. You can even check out Craigslist to see what people are selling.

3. Shop sales early and compare prices. I will be posting all the Halloween sales and discounts I can find so be sure to look out for those.


1. Hook up your computer to some good speakers and put on and type in Halloween Party Radio or Spooky Mix to get some great music for free!

Food and Games:

1. The best place to go for DIY ideas for food and games is Pinterest ( I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest). They have some great ideas that are usually very budget friendly.

2. Make your own games. I remember my mom used to draw a pin the tail game for all of my birthday parties (ex. Pin the pizza on the Ninja Turtle) they were great! If you can draw, get a poster board and draw a witch and little witch’s hats and play Pin the Hat on the Witch. You could also do Pin the Tail on the Goblin.

3. Buy a bag of apples on sale and do bobbing for apples. That is great for any age.

4. Put food in a bag and have people guess what it is. Eyeballs=skinned grapes, Intestines=spaghetti, Brains= scrambled eggs, etc.

Those are a few of my tips. I would love to hear what you do to get creative on Halloween and what are your frugal Halloween party tips.


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