$69 for Women’s Coach Sunglasses

This awesome deal on women’s Coach sunglasses is back! The are only $69 (reg. $195) and come with free shipping. There are aviator and fashion designs in 21 different options:

  •  Metal Blue-Silver Frame/Lilac Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S1013-GUNMETAL-63
  •  Metal Brown Frame/Brown Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S1034-TAN-64-13-125
  • Plastic Frame/Gray Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2029-PINK-125
  •  Plastic Black Frame/Gray Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2029-BLACK-125
  •  Plastic Black with Tortoise Shell Inlay/Brown Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2046-BLACK-60-13-135
  • Plastic Black with Tortoise Inlay Frame/Gray Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2045-BLACK-56-18-140
  •  Plastic Black Frame/Dark Gray Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2048-BLACK-56-18-125
  • Plastic Black Frame/Dark Gray Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2049-BLACK-58-15-125
  • Plastic Black Frame/Gray Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S3002-BLACK-125
  • Plastic Black/Gray Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S3012-BLACK-125
  • Plastic Black Frame/Smoke Lens, COACHSUN-S2052-BLACK-58-16-125
  • Plastic Black Frame/Tortoise Shell Inlay/Brown Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2048-TORT-56-18-125
  • Plastic Brown Frame/Brown Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2029-BROWN-125
  • Plastic Brown Frame/Brown Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2049-BROWN-58-15-125
  • Plastic Brown Frame/Brown Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S3012-BROWN-125
  • Plastic Burgundy Tortoise Shell Frame/Rose Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2045-BURG-56-18-140
  • Plastic Plum and Purple Frame/Brown Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2046-PLUM-60-13-135
  • Plastic Teal Frame/Gray Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2029-TEAL-125
  • Plastic Tortoise Shell with Black Inlay/Brown Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2045-TORT-56-18-140
  • Plastic Tortoise Shell with Black Inlay Frame/Brown Gradient Lens, COACHSUN-S2046-TORT-60-13-135

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