Gilmore Girls Season 1 Review

I’m a huge Gilmore Girls fan. I really don’t know any girl my age who isn’t. I remember sitting in my dorm room watching reruns with girls from my hall. So when I was asked to review a tv show for Mommy Bear Media I knew which one I was going to get. I don’t have cable so it has been a while since I saw the show so I decided to start from the very beginning.

I chose Gilmore Girls Season 1. Season 1 has 6 discs and 21 episodes. I watched them all in 1 week. I told you I love the show! If you haven’t seen it, Gimore girls is a great family show. Everyone will love it because it covers a whole area of family and teenage problems that everyone can relate to. From first boyfriends, starting a new school, to fighting with your best friend, there is a scenario everyone has had to deal with.  Here is a little synopsis of the show:

 Lauren Graham plays quick-witted Lorelai, manager of historic Independence Inn, mother of Rory (Alexis Bledel) and also her daughter’s best friend, confidante and mentor who’s determined to help her avoid the mistakes that sidetracked Lorelai when she was a teen. A gifted ensemble plays the colorful Stars Hollow townies. And Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann play Lorelai’s blue-blooded parents. Once kept at a distance by Lorelai, they’re back in her life. So are the issues that originally drove them apart.

I absolutely love the relationship between Rory and Lorelai. It kind of reminds me about the relationship I have with my mom, where we are friends but she can still pull the “mom card” when she needs to. I love the people of Stars Hollow the best though. They are such a mash up of characters and they definitely add humor to the show. This is also the season that we get to ask the “will they, won’t they” questions about Lorelai and Luke, the owner of Luke’s diner.

I just think it is a really fun show and it’s something you can watch with the whole family. There is no violence or language so you can watch it with young kids. Mommy Bear Media has the whole season on sale for only $18.62 (reg. $49.98) and they offer free shipping. That is something this frugal girl loves too!

Disclosure: I was given a $15 gift code in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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    I stared watching Gilmore Girls while I was flipping through the channels earlier this year. A few weeks later I bought seasons one and two. I get a kick out of how much Lorelai loves drinking coffee.

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