Betsey Johnson Jewelry 68% off

Looking for some cute and flirty jewelry? You can get Betsey Johnson jewelry for up to 68% off. They have earrings and necklaces to add color to any outfit. There is a limit of 1 per person. You can choose from the following:

$10 for stud earrings ($30 list price)

  • blue crystal stud earrings (B05473-E01)
  • polka dot flower stud earrings (B05634-E01)
  • polka dot heart stud earrings (B05682-E01)
  • rose petal stud earrings (B05563-E01) 

$12 for stud earrings or a pendant necklace (up to $38 list price)

  • Hippo stud earrings (B05633-E01) ($35 list price)
  • Crystal heart pendant necklace with a 16-inch chain (B05455-N01) ($38 list price)
  • Crystal round stud earrings (B05472-E01) ($38 list price) 

$16 for drop earrings (up to $50 list price)

  • Small polka dot heart drop earrings (B05685-E01) ($40 list price)
  • Large polka dot heart drop earrings (B05683-E01) ($45 list price)
  • Zebra heart mismatched earrings (B05636-E01) ($45 list price)
  • Crystal heart chandelier earrings (B05464-E01) ($48 list price)
  • Crystal bow hoop earrings (B05467-E01) ($50 list price)
  • Polka dot heart layer earrings (B05684-E01) ($50 list price)

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