$54 for Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s Sunglasses

Here is a great deal on designer sunglasses. You can get a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs women’s sunglasses for only $54 (reg. $110). This also comes with free shipping. Each pair comes with a hard protective case and soft cleaning cloth . They offer 100% UV protection. You can choose from the following styles:

  • Aviator frames (MMJ242S) in gold geranium (0WEA) or light gold nut (0WEB)
  • One-piece multicolored frames (MMJ241S) in dark ruthenium gray (0WAB), gold brown (0W9V), gold white (0WAO), red gold (0W9Y), or violet-striped fuchsia (0WAA)
  • Rimless frames (MMJ028NS) in gold brown (0ZS9), ruthenium black gray (0ZV2), or white gold (0ZV4)

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