Couponing 101: Where to find Coupons

So, last time we talked about why you should use coupons. Today I’m going to share all the different places you might find coupons.

1. Sunday Newspaper: This is the most common place to find coupon inserts. There are 3 different kinds of inserts that you may receive every week: Red Plum, Smart Source, and Procter and Gamble. You will receive a different number of inserts depending on the week. Some papers will include inserts in the Wed. paper as well.

2. Magazines: Magazines are a great place to look for coupons. I usually flip through mine when I first receive them in the mail. The best magazine for coupons is All You. You can only buy All You at Walmart or you can get a subscription. Other magazines that usually have a few coupons are: Redbook, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, and Good Housekeeping.

3. Facebook:  A lot of companies will occasionally  post coupons on their facebook page. They are usually high value. If you have a favorite brand, go ahead and like them on facebook and keep an eye out for any coupon postings.

4. Printable Coupon Sites: There are 3 main printable coupon sites: Red Plum, Smart Source, and They post new coupons all the time. You can usually print a coupon twice per computer.

5. Store Fliers: Always check your store’s flyer before you go shopping.

6. Products: Sometimes products on the shelves will have coupons attached to them. These are called Peelies. They are meant to be used on the attached product.

7.Blinkies: When you are in a store, have you noticed the little machines attached to the shelves that dispense coupons? These are called blinkies, usually they have a red light that blinks. If I see these I will usually take one or two and save them for when there is a sale.

8. Catalinas: These are the slips of paper that you will sometimes get when you check out. They can be either Store or manufacturer coupons. Don’t throw them away, save them for a sale.

9. Inside the Product: Before you throw the packaging away check to see if there is a coupon inside. Sometimes the coupon will even be printed on the inside of the box.

10. e-coupon sites: E coupons are coupons that can be loaded to your store card. Some grocery and drug stores offer them, so check your store’s website for more info. There are 2 really good websites for e coupons: Saving Star and Upromise.

11. Coupon clipping sites: If you want a large amount of coupon inserts or just a particular coupon, you might want to try a coupon clipping service. There are several you can search for through Google and Ebay.

I hope that helps you on your search for coupons. If you have any other ideas on where to find coupons, leave them in the comments below.

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