Couponing 101: Manufacturer vs. Store Coupons

Manufacturer Coupon: A Manufacturer coupon will clearly state “Manufacturer” at the top of the coupon ( usually beside the expiration date). You can use these coupons at any store that will accept coupons. The barcode number will usually start with a 5 or a 9. They will be found in newspaper inserts, magazines, and online.



Store Coupon: A Store coupon will state “Store Coupon” at the top of the coupon. It will usually have the store logo printed somewhere on the coupon. You can only use a store coupon at the particular store indicated on the coupon. They will have a unique barcode particular to that store. You can find them online at the store’s website or in the weekly sales circular.

source: Totally Target

Something that can get confusing is if a manufacturer coupon has a store logo on it. For example, if a manufacturer coupon says “available at Walmart”  you can still use it at any store. If it says” redeem only at Walmart” then it must be used only at Walmart.


Stacking: Stacking is the term used when you use both a manufacturer and a store coupon on the same item. Most stores will let you use 1 store coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per item. This is a great way to save or to even get free products. Every store is different so check the coupon policy before you do this. Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid allow stacking.



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